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Order delays

Please bear with us, we have had to move our workshop and have also had to do an unexpected electrical upgrade in the new place, so we are currently running about a week behind with orders.

If you have a need for urgent delivery, please let us know via the contact page and we can advise you of the turnaround time.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
Unfortunately we have had a wood supply problem, so we will not be able to complete any orders this week (beginning 29 January). We expect to be back to normal and fulfilling all orders from next Monday 5th February, and these will be ready to ship by the Thursday of that week.
Apologies for any delays and thanks for your understanding.

We have now finished for Christmas - all completed orders have now been shipped and are on their way to your little learners.

Thank you so much to all our lovely customers old and new for supporting us and buying from us over the past year 😊

We've had an overwhelmingly busy end to the year, and we are very much in need of a break. We will now be on our annual holiday and will be back making any outstanding orders from 8th January.

Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the year ahead.
Dominic & Trish xx


We have decided we need to set a final deadline for Christmas orders - Please order by midnight tonight
(Wednesday 13 December), and we will make sure your order goes out by mid next week.

Any orders that come in after this time will most likely need to wait until the new year.

Thank you for your understanding - there are only 2 of us and we need a break for our health, mental health and to focus on our family and get ready for Christmas.
With best wishes to you and your family, Dominic & Trish

Order update - as you can imagine it's a busy time for us, and this year we are busier than usual.

We are currently running about a week behind on orders, so please bear with us - there are only 2 of us, but we will get your order made and sent out for Christmas providing you have ordered before the deadline (see below)

Our last order dates for Christmas 2023 are as follows:
To ensure delivery for Christmas, please place your order by 23:59 GMT on
Sunday 26 November - WORLDWIDE ORDERS
Sunday 3 December - EUROPE (non-EU*) ORDERS
Sunday 10 December - ALL UK ORDERS

We are incredibly busy, an there are only 2 of us, so please please order early.

We will do our best to complete any orders after these dates, and will notify customers of any delays/issues.

*sorry it's still tricky to ship to the EU because of all the Brexit red tape

Our PayPal payments are now back up and running again - thank you for your patience while we got this sorted out.

We are currently having problems with PayPal payments, so please select the Stripe option to pay until further notice - You can use any credit card or debit card with Stripe.
Thank you for your patience.

Hi folks, today will be our last day for taking orders - Any orders received after midnight tonight will be carried over until after Christmas and will be sent out in January.

Also, we have decided to give Covent Garden craft market a miss again this weekend - we've been so busy making all your internet orders that we haven't had the time to make any new stock! Plus, we're knackered!! In a good way!!

We thank you all for your support and understanding.
Merry Christmas from Trish & Dominic

What with all the postal strikes coming up, we are encouraging our lovely customers to order early for Christmas.

Our last order dates to absolutely ensure Christmas delivery are as follows:
Worldwide orders - Sunday 27 November
Europe orders (excluding EU*) - Sunday 04 December
UK orders - Sunday 11 December
please order by 23:59 GMT

We will of course do our best to get any orders after these dates shipped in time!
(* sorry to all our EU customers it is still really difficult to ship our products to you because of how messed up the post-Brexit agreements are)

Exciting news! We are re-launching our Word Maker spelling set in the next few days. It's 100% hand-crafted in our Worthing workshop and will now come with a high-quality unbleached cotton bag to keep all the bits in.
Stocks will be limited so get in quick if you want one!

Sorry folks, but we'll be starting back in the workshop a week late (from 10th January), as we are having to self-isolate after contact with someone who has since tested positive with Covid.

We are still open for orders across all our online outlets and we'll hopefully have all outstanding orders sent out by the end of next week. 

Stay safe 😷
Trish & Dominic

LAST ORDERS HAVE NOW PASSED FOR CHRISTMAS - Thank you so much everyone for the last minute flurry of Christmas orders and hello to all our new followers.

We need time to make your name puzzles, so we definitely need to draw a line under the orders for now - we plan to get this last batch made over the next couple of days and hopefully in the 1st class post on Monday (definitely before the last post on Tuesday!)

We will be taking a couple of weeks off over Christmas, but we will keep all our online stores open, but please be aware most orders won't be started until after the new year (unless we have the items already in stock)

Thanks again to all our customers old and new - your continued support of our little family business really means a lot 🙏

No Covent Garden for us this weekend

Due to the rapidly rising Covid rates, particularly in London, we have taken the tough decision that we will not be at Covent Garden craft market this weekend (18-19 Dec).

If you were hoping to come and buy something, you can still order online, but please do so before first thing tomorrow so we can get it sent out ASAP.

We hope you all understand. Please keep safe everyone and look out for others: whether they be family, friends, neighbours or strangers.

To guarantee delivery for Christmas please order by 23:59 GMT on the following dates
UK: Sun 12 December
EUROPE (non-EU*): Sunday 12 December
REST OF THE WORLD (excl. EU): Sunday 28 November

We will do our best to complete all orders received after these dates but we cannot promise Christmas delivery.
* sorry to all our EU customers but due to restrictions on imports we're sad to say we still cannot ship to EU destinations.

Our return to Covent Garden craft market 16-17 October 2021

*deep breath* For the first time since March 2020 we will be back at Covent Garden craft market next weekend (anxiety and fuel permitting) selling our name puzzles and wooden toys.

To say we are apprehensive would be a massive understatement 😬 so if any of you friendly people out there are able to stop by to say hello it would give us a huge lift. 

You will find us on Stall 119 in the Jubilee Market Hall, 1 Tavistock St, London WC2E 8BD
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5.30pm

Wish us luck, and hopefully, if all goes well, it will be the first of many weekends

Price Increase 15 October 2021
It's been a really tough decision, but with huge increases to our material and production costs* we need to put our prices up next Friday 15 October so we can keep our small business going into 2022

We hope you will still agree that our hand-crafted wooden toys are still great value! 

Thank you for supporting our independent family company 

* e.g. Our wood prices have increased by 100% in just the last few months - it is sourced from the EU, so, yeah, thanks a bunch Brexit 😡