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About us

We are a small family company, run by mother and son: Trish and Dominic. We specialise in hand-crafted wooden puzzles and toys for children. We were established in 1979, and soon began selling our toys at Covent Garden craft market in London, and craft fairs throughout South East England. We recently moved our production base to Worthing, West Sussex.

Our original and most popular toys are our Name Puzzles. These offer an educational and fun way for children to learn to spell their name by recognising letters, shapes, colours and negative space. We have over 1000 names in stock, and we can make any name to order up to 11 letters.

The first ever Name Puzzle was made in 1979 by Mike for his 2 year old son Dominic, cut out with a coping saw with hand-painted letters. Throughout our 40-plus years our name puzzles have been made to a very similar design to the original, but nowadays we screen-print the letters and each and every one is individually cut by hand on a scroll-saw.

Name Puzzles and Word Makers are hand-made in our workshops in Worthing, using finest quality birch plywood, in a variety of bright inks, enamels and clear varnish. Materials used are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and comply with European and British Toy Regulations. All wood is sourced from reforested woodland.

Other wooden toys are sourced by us from a small company in Germany with an equally strong commitment to environmental standards.

Jiggers Ltd. established 1979. Registered in England: No. 2458341